Add Colour and Design

Choose a table, choose a colour, choose a design..

Colours and designs are only added to the top pane of glass on the Coffee tables (this is because the lower glass is frosted) but added to both panes (top and bottom) on the smaller side tables and all three panes on the nest of tables.
Simply click on your choice of table and then you can buy it as seen or 'Add a Colour' of your choice. Then, if you wish, you may add a 'Sparkle' to your colour (Copper, Silver or Gold).
If you wish you can then upload a High Definition Image of your choice that we will print onto your table or you can simply leave it at colour only.
We recommend looking at the Brands of the World website if the image that you would like is in the public domain rather than a personal photograph for example. If you find an image on the above site then let us know and we will arrange everything else.
Remember; ANY colour can be added to ANY table to make it match whatever you want. You could have a blue glass table, a green glass table, a red glass table, a purple glass table, a yellow glass table. Any colour you want can be put onto your choice of glass coffee or side table.
If you wish another colour that is not in our range then for a very small extra charge you can pick one of your choice from a RAL colour chart. Other colours also available on request.

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