About Us

Your Colour, Your Design, Your Table.

Welcome to Custom Tables 4U. We are committed to providing a simple, effective and easy to use service so that you can get the product that you desire.
All of the artwork on our tables is built into the glass and is not a sticker on top; therefore it cannot scratch off or fade away like inferior products. We will provide you with high quality bespoke glass tables to any colour and design you wish with prices that defy logic.
You may want a table in your favourite colour to match something in a room or office?
You may want your company name or logo on a reception room table?
You may want your child's image, a family pet, or a family portrait on one of our glass tables?
You may want an image from your favourite movie or band?
Your choice is limitless and what you choose will be made especially for you.
Any logo or picture that we build into your table is permanently secure under the glass and never fades away.

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